Why I switched from Wordpress to Squarespace (+ why it might be right for you)


Polyglot Designs used to be hosted on Wordpress, and although it’s the most popular blogging site, I was limited to its many plugins and constant security updates.  Here is why I switched and why it might be good for you, too!

P.S. this isn’t in any way sponsored by Squarespace nor do I get anything from giving them a shoutout. It’s just my personal experience and why it might work for you.


More focus on design

Although there are many Wordpress themes out there which can make your website look beautiful, professional and well put together, they are often expensive and you have to either know how to install and customize them yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. With Squarespace you just install the template you want and drag and drop whatever you want. It’s cleaner, quicker, and less of a pain. With Wordpress themes I didn’t get the same kind of freedom if I wanted to move this text box to the bottom instead of the top, or add an extra picture here or there. There was more coding involved and I wanted to focus more on the design process and Squarespace let me do that.


Ease of use

As I mentioned, it’s fairly easy to use Squarespace. Wordpress you have to have some coding knowledge if you really want to customize your theme. It’s not the hardest thing in the world to learn, there are plenty of free resources and how to videos on the internet, but why add more to your to do list than you already have? If you ever do want to change the look of your Squarespace site, you can change the template at any point and still have your current site live while you are working on it in the backend. You can also create a cover page to collect email address sign ups while your new site is still being built, and Squarespace has many cover page examples that help you create a new ‘coming soon’ page in less than 10 minutes. If you are a coding genius, you can also customize the templates with CSS so you aren’t just limited to what Squarespace has to offer.


Fewer security problems

Plugins on Wordpress are great but there are so many and they’re a constant security problem. Because they can be uploaded by different developers who may not care so much about your security, they can be easily hacked into and create a problem for your entire website or they stop working with other plugins altogether. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to update the Wordpress site and plugins, and when I have updated it, other plugins stop working and then I have to remove them anyway. Yes, you can set it to automatically update so you don’t have to go in every time and manually do it but this still doesn’t help the fact that some plugins don’t play well with others and can thus mess up your site if not all of them are secure or updated. With Squarespace there are no plugins, just widgets that are already incorporated into the website and if you want to use a third party app like SumoMe, it’s fairly easy to install with a simple piece of code that is already listed on their website. Squarespace has gained enough fame and recognition that many third party apps can accommodate it and you aren’t missing out on anything by switching.


With that being said, Wordpress still is huge in the world of blogging and definitely great to use if you are willing to invest in the time and money it takes to really become a Wordpress expert. As Polyglot Designs continues to grow, I am going to have Wordpress Experts join the team but right now my focus is on creating awesome brands for awesome creative professionals, building their website on Squarespace.


What do you use for your website: Wordpress? Squarespace? Or elsewhere? Leave a comment below on what you think!