4 ways a designer can bring trust to your website


1. Unique design that fits your business

Have you ever visited a website and it looks like a copycat of another businesses’ site? Or it’s full of phoney stock photo images you know don’t represent their business? When you hire a designer, their job is to create a website that speaks to your unique brand and customers. It’s not a copycat of someone else’s product which makes customers more likely to stay and interact. When you have fake corporate stock photos plastered on your home page, your audience will click away before they read on to see what you’re all about.


2. Reaches out to your ideal clients

A designer helps you attract your ideal client, thus your website keeps them in mind. A good designer knows how to create a website that not only looks amazing and on brand, but will also get your ideal client to click through to learn more. A good website isn’t just about a beautiful web presence, but it needs to be about how reach your own business goal. Do you want more sales? Then you need a website that is clear and easy to get the client to the checkout page. Do you want more newsletter subscribers? You need your newsletter optins placed clearly on the right pages. Whatever your goal, your designer can help you achieve it!


3. Looks trustworthy and secure

When you visit a website and it’s loaded full of ad banners, popups and is a complete mess, are you willing to buy a product from them? Probably not. A good designer can create a trustworthy and secure website for you so you don’t scare off potential clients. The best way of looking legit is to have a professional and functional web presence. Even if you are not sure if having a website at this stage in your business is right for you, think about this: if you see a fashion label advertise only on Instagram and they have no website, how likely are you to buy from them? Potential customers look at your business the same way. If your website doesn’t look 100% trustworthy, your ideal clients are clicking away and you are losing business.


4. Easy to use

If your website is hard to navigate, your potential clients click away and there goes your business.  A good designer helps make your website usable which creates trust in your ideal client. When a potential client or customer visits your website and it’s unclear on what you are offering or how to buy what you are selling, then they will click away and take their business elsewhere.


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