What To Expect From Hiring A Branding Designer + Freebie Checklist

Branding Designers are a hodge podge of a mix of skills: social media and content marketing, graphic design, web design, and visual direction, just to name a few. Their main goal is to help you create a consistent visual identity to help your ideal clients remember you and what you have to offer. Every Branding Designer is different so make sure you thoroughly read their website’s About and Service page.


So what can you expect from hiring a Branding Designer?


Knowledge of Design & Marketing

Design knowledge is a given and they don’t have to be a Digital Marketing Pro but it is 2016 and social media is just as important as your website. After all, Branding is all about consistency and it won’t truly work if your social media doesn’t reflect your website.

Clear communication

Communication is key and you want to avoid a constant back and forth of emails so that nothing gets lost in translation. Most Designers offer a Skype or phone consultation so that your needs and questions are laid out on the table. Keep your email communication to the point and clear, and keep in mind that your contract should clearly state exactly how many changes you can make to the design. It’s hard for the Designer to do their job if you want to change something every other day.

Keep an open mind

You may have envisioned your Brand a certain way and the Designer will do their best to make your vision come to life but you have to trust that your Designer is doing what’s best for you. If you have a vision of a color scheme that doesn’t match your tone or business, then the Designer will do their best to take that as inspiration and recreate something that works best for you, even if it’s not what you originally had in mind. 

I can’t speak for other Branding Designers but this is the process here at Polyglot Designs:

1.)  You fill out the contact form on the Services page and answer all the questions. You’ll notice that it’s more thorough than most contact forms and that’s because I want to get through the most important questions first. This gives us less going back and forth so we can stick to the 2 week deadline.

2.)  You will be sent a series of questionnaires as homework. Then through this calendar, you will book a time for a 30 min Skype or FaceTime chat to go over the main points and answer any questions we may have. We will go over the 2 week schedule and I will assign the homework you have to do to a specific date to make sure we are on track. You can take a peek at the questionnaire here.

3.)  Over the next week and a half, your logo and collateral items will be designed. The website is usually last because it depends on the color scheme and mood board you’ve created so we put it all together at the end.

4.)  There will be 3 various logo versions for you to choose 1 from, and from that 1 there will be 2 more variations made for your collateral images.

5.)  Once the website is done through Squarespace, you will be given the link access to see how it looks and any revisions that need to be made. There will only be one set of revisions done if needed and then once any changes are made, you can go through the site to add in your payment and domain details to make it live.

And that’s it! As you can see, there are a few things you have to have prepared and ready to answer but after you just get to sit back and relax.

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This 2 Week Systems was inspired by Elle & Company, a fabulous Graphic Designer and blogger.