Why you should care about branding + 3 easy ways to brand your biz

What is branding and why should you care?

Branding is what makes people remember your services and products are unique to what you are offering. It’s combining clever visual design (your website, logo, overall look on social media and offline marketing channels) with your personality and offers. If done properly, it’s what will make you stand out from your competitors.  And it’s what will attract your ideal clients, bringing you more income and ultimately (and hopefully) joy knowing you are doing what you want to do.


So how can you brand yourself?

1.     Define your target audience

Figure out who your target audience is. Are you serving businesses similar to yours or clients who need your business?

Tip: Do some research about your ideal client. Where do they hang out online? What kind of content do they share? The more specific you are about who you want to work with, the more niche your product or services are and the better a chance you have of working with them.

Example: A digital marketer specializing in Instagram as their primary marketing channel could be focused on helping other digital marketing professionals or those that want to know how to expand their network on IG. These are two different audiences, both of which you can target, but you have to be clear and strategic about what kind of content you provide for each group as they have different needs.

2.     Create a Mission Statement.

A Mission Statement is something that describes your business and who you serve. Keeping it short and sweet helps ensure that people quickly understand what it is you do and who you work with.

Tip: Use this formula: What you offer + your target audience = how it benefits your target audience

Example: Here at Polyglot Designs, I offer Branding Design Services to Creative Professionals to help them earn more money and work with their ideal clients.

This is also how you should be introducing yourself at networking events so you can be easily remembered. People will always remember what it is you can do for them.

3.     Do an audit of your online presence.

Your website and social media presence should reflect your personality and products. If you are a large marketing consulting firm, then it won’t help your image if your website is unprofessionally designed or if your social media channels are sharing irrelevant content.

Tip: Do an audit of your website and social media channels and ask yourself if this reflects 1) your personality and 2) what you are offering.

Example: A photographer’s website should be clean and easy to navigate, highlighting their portfolio. Their social media channels should feature relevant photography or tips for photographers and potential clients (depending on what audience they serve. See #2 above).


Branding itself isn’t difficult but it does have more components to it than just pretty colors on a website. If you really want your business to be successful, you have to really have all the details figured out and stay true to your niche and target audience.


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