Are you taking on new clients?

Yes! Please fill out the form here to get in touch.

Do I have to be based in Berlin (or Europe?)

Not at all. I work with clients all over the globe. Just be aware that it will require some planning ahead to schedule any live chats or calls if we are in different time zones.

Do you only work with Squarespace?

At the time being, yes. As Polyglot Designs grows, we will have Wordpress Developers as part of the team. Sign up for the newsletter to find out when that happens!

Why Polyglot Designs?

Since my name is too hard for most people to pronounce and spell, Polyglot Designs was a way to come off as more professional and hint at my love for languages and travelling. This also gives my business more room to grow which you can keep up with on the FB page and newsletter.


Still have questions? Get in touch below

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