Zana Fejzic, Owner & Designer at Polyglot Designs

Zana Fejzic, Owner & Designer at Polyglot Designs

Why you need a brand designer

Attract your ideal client and increase sales

Your brand is the core of your business. Whether you're a freelance photographer or run a travel blog, your unique voice is what can attract the type of clients you are excited about working with.

I want to help you make a living off of your passion by creating a branded web presence for your business. I have the expertise to help you boost your business through a carefully crafted web site, unique logo and any additional business needs you need.

 Jill Ozovek,
Working with Zana was one of the easiest processes ever- she’s efficient, has strong branding skills and SO wonderful to work with! I recommend her for any one-pager, branded worksheets/collateral needs you may have!
— Jill Ozovek,

I want to thank you for all the work you’ve put in to create this new site. I appreciate your patience, communication, flexibility and doing everything that I asked. Thank you again!
— Jane Cormack,
 Jane Cormack,

Benefits of Brand Design

become memorable

Stand apart from your competitors! A brand identity comes with a unique logo and web presence that resonates with your audience.

original design

Your brand is unique to you and what you have to offer. You will receive an original logo and website that feels authentic to your business.

attract ideal clients

Work with the clients you want to work with. Creating your own brand helps attract your ideal client and grow your business.